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Course Level 1. Part 1- How to overcome insecurity


This is the Level 1 course of the first course series ever that helps you understand the 5 Stages to fight insecurity. These are the more outward, down to earth and action orientated stages that help fight insecurity. Over the years these stages evolved into the more inward oriented and a more fundamental way of dealing with your inner voices. This course however still remains the first go-to course that is accessible to the broadest group of people. After this courses you can move on to our “5 Transformation course series”.
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Lesson 1 – Welcome message about insecurity. part 1 Preview Lesson 2 – Welcome – insecurity. part 2 Preview Lesson 3- The 5 Stages to Fight insecurity Preview Lesson 4 – Stage 1 – Denying your insecurities – part 1 Preview Lesson 5 – Stage 1 – Denying your insecurities -part 2 Preview Lesson 6 – Stage 2 – Inspiration Stage – Use your insecurities to get inspiration -part 1 Preview Lesson 7 – Stage 2 – Inspiration Stage – Use your insecurities to get inspiration Part 2 Preview

There are secrets
nobody talks about?

why they succeed

Why do rich or famous people succeed?

nothing works for

Why does nothing seem to work?

ancient secret

How did people deal with difficult stuff in the past?