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Our Ebooks

Our Books, both for adults and children’s reading book are a powerful, proven way to make an impact in your life. Thousands of people like you around the world – mothers and fathers, entrepreneurs and students, athletes, housewives, nobodies, scientists, scholars and teenagers – have found that when they read the information is digested in a todally different way. Especially parents who read to their children (4-10 years) not only learn to apply the 5 Transformations themselves, but more importantly teach their children to develop that powerful mind.
The books are therefore a must in addition to the courses and workshops.t

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Our Childrens EBooks

As a parent you know that the foundation of how you think later in life is formed in early childhood. This foundation is laid from 4 years old. By reading the adventures of Inse and Security, two adorable ghost and their family – that represent the two inner voices – before going to sleep, your children will change noticeably. They will talk about this and come up with own examples form their real life. Their insecurity will disappear overnight. This is something that every parent should not withhold from their child.  
The books are a must have for every parent. We will eventually come up with about 60 reading (E) books.

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