“Inse and Curity Stand Up to Bullying”

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The stories age 4+ are deliberately written in language that is understandable for parents. So extra explanation is (intentionally) required while read the bedtime story. This creates more intense parent-child relationship.

Once upon a sunny day, Inse was playing with his toys in the park. Suddenly, a big boy named Max came over and started pushing him around.

Inse felt scared and sad, but he remembered what Curity had told him about the voice of insecurity. He decided to use it as amusement and inspiration.

As Max continued to bully him, Inse began to laugh and think of ways to stand up for himself. He remembered the voice of security, and started to feel more confident.

Finally, Inse mustered up the courage to tell Max to stop. Max was surprised and didn’t know what to do, so he left Inse alone.

Inse was proud of himself for standing up to Max, and thanked Curity for helping him be brave.

Together, Inse and Curity talked about how sometimes people can be mean, but it’s important to stand up for yourself and ask for help when you need it.

From that day on, Inse knew that he could face anything with the help of the five transformations.

The end.

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