Inse Learns to Believe in Himself

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Inse was a young boy who always felt unsure of himself. He would often compare himself to others and feel like he didn’t measure up. One day, while walking in the park, he saw a group of kids playing basketball. Inse loved basketball, but he was too afraid to join in. He was scared that he would embarrass himself in front of the other kids.

As he walked around the park, he saw a beautiful butterfly flying around. He followed the butterfly until it landed on a flower. Inse couldn’t help but stare at the butterfly. It was so beautiful and graceful. As he watched, he heard a voice in his head, the voice of insecurity. It told him that he could never be as beautiful and graceful as the butterfly.

Suddenly, he heard another voice in his head, the voice of security. It told him that he was unique and special in his own way. That he had his own talents and abilities, just like the butterfly.

Inse felt inspired by the voice of security. He decided to try to join the basketball game. He approached the other kids and asked if he could join. They welcomed him with open arms.

At first, Inse felt nervous and unsure of himself. But as he played, he started to feel more confident. He remembered the voice of security and how it had inspired him to try something new. Inse started to believe in himself.

As the game went on, Inse made a few mistakes, but he didn’t let them get him down. He used the voice of insecurity as amusement and inspiration, and he listened to the voice of security to guide him. He realized that he was having fun, and that was what mattered.

When the game was over, Inse felt proud of himself. He had tried something new and had fun doing it. He learned that he didn’t need to compare himself to others or feel insecure about his abilities. He had his own unique talents and abilities that made him special.

Inse went home feeling happy and content. He knew that he would face other challenges in the future, but he also knew that he could overcome them by listening to the voice of security and using the five transformations.

From that day on, Inse learned to believe in himself.

Dialogue between Inse and Security:

Inse: “I’m not good enough to play basketball with those kids.”

Security: “You are unique and special in your own way. You have your own talents and abilities, just like the butterfly.”

Inse: “What if I mess up?”

Security: “Use the voice of insecurity as amusement and inspiration. Learn from your mistakes and keep trying. Remember to listen to the voice of security to guide you.”

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