Inse Overcomes Test Anxiety: A Story of the Five Transformations

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Inse was feeling nervous as he walked into the classroom on the day of his math test. He could feel the butterflies in his stomach fluttering faster and faster as he took his seat at his desk. Inse knew he had studied hard, but he couldn’t shake the feeling that he was going to fail.

That’s when Curity appeared next to him. She was his older sister, and she had a way of making him feel better whenever he was feeling down. Inse told her how nervous he was about the test, and Curity smiled gently.

“Remember, Inse, the voice of insecurity is just trying to make you doubt yourself. You studied hard and you know the material. Use that knowledge to inspire you to do your best,” Curity said, using the second transformation to help her brother.

Inse nodded, but he still felt anxious. Curity could see that he needed a little more help. She decided to use the third transformation, guiding him with the voice of security.

“Close your eyes, Inse, and take a deep breath. Think about all the times you have done well in math before. Remember how confident you felt when you solved a tough problem. Hold onto that feeling, and let it guide you through the test,” Curity said.

Inse took a deep breath and thought about all the times he had done well in math. He felt a sense of calm wash over him, and he knew he could do this.

As the test began, Inse remembered Curity’s advice. Whenever he felt stuck, he took a deep breath and thought about a time when he had solved a similar problem. He used the inspiration from the voice of insecurity and the guidance of the voice of security to stay focused and confident.

When he finished the test, Inse felt relieved. He knew he had done his best, and that was all he could do. Curity was waiting for him outside the classroom with a smile on her face.

“I knew you could do it, Inse. You used the five transformations to overcome your test anxiety, and it worked!” Curity said, using the fifth transformation to show Inse how the two inner voices can work together.

Inse grinned back at her, feeling proud of himself for using the five transformations to overcome his anxiety. He knew that he could use these strategies in the future, and that gave him a sense of Curity.

As they walked home together, Inse and Curity talked about their day. Inse was excited to tell his parents about how he had done on the test, and Curity was proud of her little brother for using the five transformations.

The end.

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