Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking

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Inse and Curity were at school, and their teacher, Mr. Johnson, announced that they would be giving a presentation on their favorite hobby in front of the class.

Inse’s heart started racing as soon as he heard the announcement. He had always been afraid of speaking in public. Curity noticed her brother’s fear and tried to help.

“Remember the five transformations,” Curity reminded Inse. “First, ignore the voice of insecurity. What is it telling you?”

Inse took a deep breath and admitted, “It’s telling me that I’ll mess up, and everyone will laugh at me.”

“Okay,” Curity said. “Now, let’s use that voice as inspiration. How can you benefit from it?”

Inse thought for a moment and said, “Maybe I can practice more and become a better public speaker.”

“Exactly,” Curity replied. “Now, let’s focus on the voice of security. What positive thoughts can you have?”

Inse smiled and said, “I know my hobby inside out, and I can share my passion with the class.”

Curity nodded in approval. “Now it’s time for the fourth transformation. Take action based on everything you’ve learned.”

Inse spent the next few days practicing his presentation and focusing on the positive aspects of his hobby. He even practiced in front of Curity, who gave him helpful feedback.

Finally, the day of the presentation arrived. Inse’s heart was still racing, but he felt more confident. As he stood in front of the class, he remembered everything he had learned from the five transformations.

He ignored the voice of insecurity, used it as inspiration, focused on the voice of security, and took action based on everything he had learned.

By the end of his presentation, Inse had impressed everyone in the class, including Mr. Johnson.

“Wow, Inse, that was fantastic,” Mr. Johnson said. “You’ve really improved as a public speaker.”

Inse beamed with pride and turned to Curity. “I couldn’t have done it without your help,” he said.

Curity smiled back. “That’s what siblings are for,” she said.

Inse and Curity hugged each other, happy and relieved that they had overcome Inse’s fear of public speaking together, using the five transformations.

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